Castleton Athletics


Our interscholastic sports program is based upon promoting the respective sport as a positive, enjoyable experience to our students. To do this, we must emphasize good sportsmanship, ensure the significant participation of all teams and encourage responsibility, dedication, self‑discipline, teamwork and the spirit of competition. We also hope to help improve and develop the skills of all team members. We do subscribe to the fair playing time philosophy; however students must have regular attendance, a good attitude and attend all practices in order to be allowed playing time. We also realize the importance of setting priorities and placing academics first and foremost in our students' total educational program.

Please remember that while winning is nice, these principles must come first in our program.

The Standards for Athletics and Activities at ARSU are outlined by Vermont Principal's Association. These guideline are available online, www.vpa.orq, or by request at Castleton Village School.